About Prime Fitness

Prime Fitness personal training studio boasts a wide range of state of the art equipment. We are constantly upgrading and installing new equipment to keep things fresh and exciting for our clients.

Prime Fitness is a privately owned Personal training studio with brand new fitness equipment and ample floor space.

With a 5 by 5 metre matted area, this spacious, air conditioned studio is the perfect environment to get away from busy gyms and work either one on one or in a group with a fully qualified personal trainer to help achieve your goals without distraction.

By combining Personal training with nutrition and weight management advice, you really can look and feel your best!

About Peter Rylatt - Founder

With 8 years of experience in personal training and an endless passion for health and fitness, I feel extremely lucky to be able to say that I love my job. Installing confidence and motivating clients to achieve their goals is a truly rewarding experience. I love a challenge and strive to do whatever possible to help my clients reach their specific goals.

Having gone through a life changing weight loss experience myself I understand the discipline that it takes to achieve specific goals. When I was 20 years old I weighed 120kg and was unaware just how unhealthy I had become, so I began my weight loss journey with a friend who was a qualified personal trainer and I still consider a mentor to this day. He helped me achieve my goals to lose weight and increase muscle mass, I couldn't believe the results I was seeing through my hard workouts and nutritional dedication. I lost 20kg in my first 4 months of training and I did it the right way, through eating the correct balance of food groups and smashing my gym workouts.

During my transformation I realised that this change in lifestyle was positively effecting me in every aspect of my life. I felt more energetic, mentally alert, confident and I knew that helping others feel as great as I did was something that I wanted to do. I signed up to a diploma in personal training and have never looked back.

In 2010, I spent 3 months in Thailand learning Muay Thai Kickboxing. I lived and breathed the sport trying to soak up every bit of knowledge possible. This incredible experience allowed me the chance to witness new and intense methods in which to challenge my body. I learned a plethora of new exercises and training methods which I still incorporate into my programs today. Since returning, I have been lucky enough to train with and train some professional fighters to further enhance my skills.

My goals as a trainer is to install a passion for training and healthy nutrition that will change your life and transform your body.

I studied my Diploma in personal training with the highly regarded Lifetime training and have continued to add qualifications throughout my career.

Prime Fitness are based in Crookham Village, Fleet, Hampshire

Peter's Current Qualifications

My current qualifications are listed below:

  • Diploma in personal training
  • Level 2 certificate in fitness instructing
  • Level 3 certificate in personal training
  • Level 3 Anatomy and physiology
  • Nutrition and weight management advisor
  • Certified Kettlebells instructor
  • Certified TRX
  • Certified Core fitness instructor
  • Certified Power Plate instructor
  • Certified Circuits instructor
  • Certification in training in alternative environments
  • Certification in training in older adults
  • Fully insured member of the Register of Exercise Professionals

What is The Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs)?

The Register of Exercise Professionals UK aims to ensure that all exercise professionals are suitably knowledgeable and qualified to help safeguard and to promote the health and interests of the people who use their services. As a member of REPs I am bound by a Code of Ethical Practice which determines the rights, responsibilities and principles required in the conduct of an exercise professional and a member of the Register.

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